Weekend Breezy

Not gonna lie: I’m dressing a little differently at the moment.

Not in a style-revolution way…it’s more of a “me, with an extra dash of laziness” look.

Remember my Fashion As Lightning Rod post, where I talked about how, even when I visit small towns, I tend to dress more or less the same way I always do? That appears to hold true, for the most part - I mean, I think I still look like “me”, whatever that means, and I definitely wore a leopard-print tee to Storytime at the Children’s Library this morning (OH MY GOD, was that ever fun and cute…by which I mean Storytime, not my leopard tee) - but I’m doing so much stuff lately (fixing, organizing, wrangling) that no-muss-no-fuss is sort of the order of the day.

Especially on weekends, because weekends are for hammocks (Kendrick took these photos last Sunday, before we stopped by The Crest). Lately, what that means seems to be a whole lot of flip-flops and un-blowdryed hair tucked up into a hat.

But do I still wear red lipstick, even on a Sunday morning?

Why yes I do.

Please look at Virgil in this picture.

That is a happy boy.

On me: H&M top and fedora, Forever 21 jeans DIY-ed into cutoffs, Havianas flip-flops, Juicy Couture sunglasses, Freya bikini top (see a better shot here), Lipstick Queen lipstick in Saint Eden, Cleobella bag c/o Polyvore.

Blue Monster Burgers

When I lived in LA, I used to make these all the time.

I grilled - or at least had my dad or my friend Daniel grill - pretty much every night during the years I was living in Sherman Oaks, but after awhile I realized that the pre-made blue cheese patties that I kept buying from Whole Foods just because they were so delicious could easily be duplicated at home for a fraction of the price.

If you’re a blue cheese lover, try this immediately. Even if you’re on the fence about the stuff, it’s worth a shot; they’re that good.

(This is what Kendrick got up to while I patty-ed: putting together my very best friend The Hammock.)

BLUE MONSTER BURGERS (makes 4-5 burgers)

What you need:

About a pound of meat. (And speaking of meat, don’t go for the super-lean stuff: a lot of the fat is going to drain off during the grilling process, so if you start with, say, 95% lean, you’re going to get a dry burger. I usually buy 85% lean meat for grilling.)

A little garlic powder or some finely minced garlic cloves

About 1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese

Sliced tomato

Sliced avocado

Sliced raw onion




White vinegar (optional)


What you do: 

1. The trick when making patties is not to handle the meat too much. I just combine the meat, blue cheese (reserve a little off to one side) and minced garlic or garlic powder in a bowl, mush it around a bit to combine, and then form patties quickly - no mucking about, trying to get them the perfect size/shape.

2. Now’s the fun part: when your patties are formed, push a little hole into the center and fill with a couple of extra crumbles of blue cheese (not too much; this stuff goes a long way), then cover the hole back up with meat. When you bite into the center later, it’s sort of like a Boston Creme Donut effect, except with meat and cheese, which is even better (and it’s hard to get better than Boston Creme Donuts).

3. Grill the burgers on a very hot grill to your desired temperature.

4. Meanwhile, mix together the mayo, ketchup and mustard (I go heavier on the mayo and ketchup, lighter on the mustard, but the proportions are really up to you), adding another little shake of garlic powder and maybe a splash of white vinegar, if you want it extra-tangy.

5. Top finished burgers with special sauce, tomato, onion, and a couple of slices of avocado.

Best burger ever.

I’m writing this at 8:05 in the morning, and now I want one.

Love This

Remember Danielle of Project 3x5?

(If you missed it the first time around, her story is beyond worth a read.)

Well, here she is again. Love the bikini, love the shot, love the girl.

Daily InstaGlam

Oh, cool. Spotted outside my house (along with two photo-shy babies).

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Lust Object: Autumn Maxi

You know what would be lovely for fall? A long-sleeved, printed silk maxi.

(Halé Bob Fuschia Belle de Jour Silk Chiffon Maxi Dress, $380)

Even Though You Don’t Have Homework Anymore, It’s Still Not Always Fun Being An Adult

Like when it’s raining, and you have to do things like load enormous, Costco-sized boxes into your car while simultaneously trying to keep a 10-month-old person for whom you are solely responsible dry by blocking him from a tropical storm with your body and wrangling a seriously impossible car seat contraption up and around and over and through some very worked-up little limbs.

You know, one of my first memories is actually of a moment very similar to the one that transpired yesterday: I must have been something like 2 or 3, and I was in my stroller on 10th Avenue and 44th Street - I remember the exact address because there used to be a huge wall-graffiti-thing with wildly inaccurate depth perspective there - and it was pouring rain, but I was all warm and cozy in my stroller with the plastic shield down over me. And I very distinctly remember feeling terrible for my babysitter, who was stuck out in the downpour with no umbrella, and yet also feeling extremely glad that I wasn’t her.

Anyway, yesterday I was her. And I’ve had better moments.

But another nice thing about being an adult is that sometimes - like, say, when you turn 31 and flee the city for the suburbs - you have access to a washer-dryer in the very next room…and you can just throw a pair of PJs in that dryer and get them all nice and warm, and then put them on right away even though it’s 6PM.

Because you are an adult.

And sometimes - not often, but sometimes - that means you get to do whatever you want.

Sprickets Or No

The other night, I ordered pizza and the delivery man would not let me tip him.

He wanted to welcome us to the neighborhood, you see.

This is all very confusing to me.

Last week, we had sixty thousand cardboard boxes that had to be disposed of, and I wasn’t quite sure how mass-quantity recycling works up here, so I resigned myself to calling up the Public Works Department.

Really, let’s take a moment now and try to imagine what this phone call would entail in New York City. First, you would not speak to a human being for at least two hours; you would be transferred through a series of horrifyingly confusing menus and finally end up getting disconnected. When you did speak to a human being, he or she would respond to your question as if you had asked them how to whip up a nice little cote de bouef. And then you would be disconnected.

Your boxes would stay where they were unless some kid down the street who was moving the next weekend decided to steal them.

When I called my town’s Public Works Department the other day, this is what happened: a nice man picked up on the second ring, and told me no problem, oh yes, he knew the house we were talking about, welcome to the neighborhood, he’d be happy to take care of the boxes right away. And within two hours, they were gone.

He had even picked up all the little stray papers and stuffing things that I’m sure fell out of the boxes while they were being loaded; our curb was spotless.

This is all very confusing to me.

It’s also why I am staying put for the rest of my life, sprickets or no.

Daily InstaGlam

Checking out the children’s room at the town library.

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Out Came The Sun: A Ramble

I can’t even begin to tell you how well I sleep these days.

It’s unreal. I go to sleep around 10:30, give or take, and then wake up with the baby around 6:45. Sometimes I stir for a moment or two around 3 and panic, thinking that that’s it, I’m up…and then I fall right back asleep.

Is it the quiet?

The air?

I have no idea, and I don’t care: I am over the moon about this, because sleep problems are no joke, and even less fun than they sound like they are.

(As a sidenote, a couple of you have asked me how Indy’s been sleeping since we moved, and the answer is: like a baby. 7:30PM-6:45AM, and not a peep. Not a peep! It’s like the Impossible Parenting Miracle has happened to us. And it probably has something to do with the fact that assorted dogs and adults are no longer wandering past his bed and rummaging about noisily at all hours of the night, but we’ll just pretend it’s because of serenity, bliss, et cetera.)

On a completely unrelated note (other than the fact that my generally sunny mood is reflected in this outfit), here’s what I wore for the first half of yesterday’s JITH shoot: A summery maxi that I made slightly more autumnal by layering with a sheer knit sweater and a bit of fringe (because the segment won’t be airing until well after the first chill hits).

Oh, this dress. I bought it years ago - at Saks, where I rarely buy anything more expensive than a new MAC compact - because I was looking for something that I felt amazing in to wear to my five-year college reunion. And I totally felt amazing in it: pretty, glamorous, pulled-together, all that.

And then I wore it to the reunion, which wasn’t all that big because my class wasn’t all that big and the percentage of people who attended the reunion was even less big - and another girl was wearing the exact same dress.

And honestly, whenever I see celebrities in magazines wearing the same dress to the same event and it’s all CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW MORTIFYING?!?!?!, I always think, you know…so? It’s a dress. More than one was probably made.

But it sort of bummed me out, because I was pretty excited about the whole thing, and then once I got there I was “that girl in the yellow dress who isn’t the other girl in the same yellow dress.”

And then I wore it to my rehearsal dinner (above, with Paige), and that was much more fun.



Ohmygoodness, what I wore for the second half of Tuesday. I can’t show you the whole thing - that would be ruining the surprise - but I can certainly show you bits and pieces.

Little story: About four years ago, Francesca - who, if you remember, is an incredible, incredible singer - started working with this company, Sotu Productions, that does wild, over-the-top performance art for extravagant events. Kendrick and I went to see her sing at Buddha Bar, and it was crazy and wonderful - all very reminiscent of that opera scene in The Fifth Element. While watching my friend on stage, I thought that I’d never seen anyone look as beautiful or glamorous.

So to have that same company do my wardrobe and makeup for yesterday’s segment was totally a dream come true.

Here’s me and my pores getting our makeup done by Sotu’s Christina (thank you, Christina!).

And here’s a glimpse of the final look, which had small children all over NYC pointing and crying out, “It’s a fairy princess!”

Segment Wardrobe:

First Look: Julie Brown dress, LOFT sweater, Cleobella purse c/o Polyvore, watch c/o Timex, Ippolita blue topaz necklace, LyraLoveStar crescent ring, GUESS by Marciano sunglasses, Kyler by Joy O. earrings.

Second Look: Sotu Productions.

Ippolita Fall Preview

(This last one - from the Ippolita “Glamazon” collection - was my personal favorite; it’s hollow, so it’s much lighter than it looks.)

What To Wear: Summer Business Trip To The City

Q. Hi Jordan,

In mid-August, I am taking a first-ever-for-me business trip to New York City. My fashion tends to stick to the casual-fun end of the spectrum, but for a business trip to New York, I’m thinking I need to tighten it up a bit. However, I still very much want to wear on-trend outfits that reflect my creative field.

Do you have any suggestions for this exciting trip?


A. Absolutely!

My suggestion: go for mostly neutrals with pastel or bright accent pieces (a great bag, a yellow blouse), throw in some retro patterns and shapes, and go for major heels (but also alwaysalwaysalways carry flats in your purse, because it is August and it is the city, and there’s nothing more miserable than walking 20 blocks in stilettos in 100-degree heat because you can’t find a cab).

I’ve posted this image before, which means that I get a C- today, but I think this is just exactly the look to go for when you’re doing tailored-but-casual-but-creative-and-it’s-hot-out.

(Click through for product info.)

Want some nighttime suggestions for your trip. too?

I originally posted these as inspiration for what to wear to an interview at an intensely hip company, but they work perfectly for drinks on the town where the goal is to look cool but still at least semi-professional, as well.

(Click through for product info.)

Daily InstaGlam

Tutu in a taxi. (cc @sotuproductions) 

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Jordan In The House: Moving Day!

Season 2 premiere.


(Thanks to Alex Foley for the awesome camera work!)

My Space, My Art

This is my favorite corner in the house, and contains some of my favorite things: pink peonies, my faux Eames rocker, a lace tablecloth my mom gave me (it’s hiding a crazy-cheap folding table I found on clearance at Home Depot last weekend)…and my Coney Island limited-edition poster depicting a couple with “His” and “Hers” tattoos, which you may recall from this JITH segment.

At the Art.com summit last month, one little factoid I learned was that the universal reaction to hanging a picture on a wall is to step back and smile at it. How nice is that? And totally true. The art that we have around our home is almost exclusively pieces that have a great deal of meaning for us, whether they’re family hand-me-downs or were picked up during our travels, and I think that’s how it should be: your art should make you love your space that much more.

After the jump are a couple more of my favorite pieces of art hung around our home, and some ways to get the look easily and affordably from Art.com.

Here’s another of my favorite pieces: a photograph with overlaid computer-generated artwork (I’m sure there’s a technical name for this, but I have no idea what it is) that Kendrick and I found in the Union Square Holiday Market and that he gave me for our first Christmas together. I hung it in the hallway in between our living room and our dining room to add color to the space and to bring the two areas together.

And this is an image that used to hang on my grandparents’ wall, and that’s one of the few things I have of theirs. I don’t know much about Alfred Delp (although Wikipedia tells me he was a German Jesuit priest who was executed for his resistance against the Nazis during WWII), but sitting in my grandparents’ hallway and looking at this quote is one of my earliest memories.

Is it pretty? No. It’s ancient, and wrinkled, and the frame is rickety and cheap…but it makes me feel close to my grandparents and makes me happy every time I look at it.

Art means different things to different people, but to me, this is the most important thing that art can do: bring you joy, warm you up, make you feel closer to those you love.

If you like my Coney Island poster: Try this April 1944 Giclee Print by Salvador Dali. I love vintage Vogue covers generally, and I think this slightly-over-the-top image evokes the same feel.

If you like my tree painting: Try this classic 1902 Klimt print, Tannenwald (Pine Forest). It’s similarly bright and lush, and would be a perfect addition to anywhere that needs a little extra splash of color.

If you like my Alfred Delp quote: The thing about inspirational artwork is that one man’s Cheese is another man’s Wisdom. Whatever resonates for you, that’s the one to pick (I like this vintage Taking Breaths Giclee Print by Rodney White, personally).

How-To: Sweet-As-Pie Pink

Q. Jordan,

So I bought this dress awhile ago, and am wearing it today for the first time…and am terribly self-conscious. I feel like Doris Day. 


A. I totally have that dress!

There it is! This particular outfit was for a thematic JITH shoot, so I had my hair all did and paired the dress with a fancy bag and pearls, but I wouldn’t wear it like that in “real life” (unless I was going to, say, a bridal shower or something that required extra ladylikeness). It’s a nice look, I think, but not really my style: I’d feel like I was trying way too hard.

How I’d actually wear it (and do, frequently): just as if I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt…as in, no heels, no fancy jewelry, totally undone and casual.

Flats (even flip-flops), a ponytail, sunglasses, a casual bag. Maybe even with my hair tucked up under a straw fedora.

Here’s a little inspiration for you: Dubious dating choices aside, Taylor Swift is doing the girly-skirt-worn-as-casually-as-jeans thing nicely up there in Hyannis Port.

In short: keep both the accessories and your attitude as straightforward and breezy as possible, and I think you’ll feel (and look) fabulous.

Enjoy the dress! It’s a good one.