Art History

The summer after I turned 17, my friend Thomasin and I went to art school in Paris for two months. I know, that sounds very fancy and glamorous.

And it totally was, especially for two sixteen-year-olds who had (at least in my case) never been to Europe before.

Why art school rather than…I don’t know…camp? Not because I was particularly interested in art - or even a very good artist. I suspect it had much more to do with the whole “two months in Paris without parental supervision” thing.

But guess what happened over the weeks that I spent there?

I ended up falling in love both with the city, and with the art it held. (And, very briefly, with an eighteen-year-old spiky-haired kid named Pid, but we won’t talk about that.)

Above is a pencil sketch I did of Rodin’s The Kiss, chosen for that day’s assignment because looking at it, I understood for the first time what people meant when they said that a piece of art brought them joy.

After the jump, a couple more of my favorite paintings from Paris, and some images from that remind me of those months.

This is a painting of a sidewalk tableau that was special to me because it was the first time I stopped trying to paint what I saw, and instead tried to paint what I felt, if that makes any sense.

And finally, this is a watercolor of Thomasin sitting in the park on our last day in Paris.

Below, a few picks from’s collection of over a million images that, for one reason or another - whether because of the colors, of the subjects, or just because of how they make me feel - remind me of my Paris Summer.

Woods and Undergrowth, by Vincent van Gogh

Lovers At Chi Tou, by Chi Wen

Woman Putting on Her Stockings, by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Daily InstaGlam

Wearing mustard and navy for the @oldnavy @polyvore Rockstar Denim campaign on a rooftop in Montclair, NJ.

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Jordan In The House: Nautical Style

This segment features a bathroom makeover (remember that boring downstairs bathroom I wasn’t sure what to do with?) inspired by a trip to the seashore.

Also, I think you’ll love this DIY: a pretty seashell mirror for displaying your perfume bottles.

Weekend Snapshots

Oh my goodness, this weekend (which I guess technically isn’t over yet, but I’m working today so it’s more or less over for me) was the best.

Friday was our 4th anniversary, but a) we’re not big anniversary people and b) Kendrick doesn’t get home from work until right around Indy’s bedtime (that’s me picking him up at the train station), so our plan was to have Kendrick take him on a walk around the block while I sat at the restaurant with a martini, and then eat dinner together once he fell asleep.

It didn’t work out exactly as planned. But the end result was that food was eaten and no enormous tragedies transpired, so hey.

I also got to wear these ridiculous Oscar de la Renta earrings (via Rent the Runway), so that was fun, too.

Here’s Kendrick arriving home to a little anniversary surprise (think he liked it?).

We spent the first part of Saturday continuing to play with Kendrick’s studio. I surrendered our bedroom TV (which we never watched anyway) and the Wii, so I suspect I may never see him again. (That print, by the way, is from Stampa and was part of Kendrick’s Father’s Day gift).

We stopped by the Farmer’s Market (where we ran into a few people we actually knew; that was exciting) for fresh vegetables and desserts for that afternoon’s BBQ (above, that’s the crudite plate I put out - how pretty are those rainbow peppers?).

And here’s us mid-BBQ.

You know, Saturday was such a perfect encapsulation of why I wanted to move: some of our favorite people (including Gala, who drove up from the city in the most amazing car ever) were there all eating and drinking and doing their thing (because there was space for them to go off and check out the lake, or hang in the hammock, or sit on the porch with a beer, whatever), kids and dogs were running semi-amok…

…and then later, once the kids had gone to bed, there was a little karaoke-ing.

Oh, and Francesca and I lost cataclysmically at Cranium. It was very annoying.

On Sunday morning, Lucy napped (this is how she naps; really) while Francesca helped me get ready for today’s Old Navy/Polyvore shoot (I’m working on their new Rockstar Denim launch).

And we ended the whole thing with a babysitter, a tub of popcorn, and Jeremy Renner.

Not a bad one.

Daily InstaGlam

 I like this one.

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Fall Preview: One Blazer, Three Ways

Have to say: I really enjoy a truly excellent blazer. Always have.

It’s just so versatile. 

For this post, I partnered with The Limited to style a key Fall piece three different ways: for Date Night, for an afternoon of shopping in the city, and for Sunday evening drinks with friends…and to show how one classic investment piece really can take you everywhere you want to go all season long.

Which of these three looks is your favorite? Tweet to @thelimited and @ramshackleglam to let us know, and head over to The Limited’s Facebook page for a chance to win some great pieces to update your wardrobe for the new season.

Product info after the jump!

Blazer c/o The Limited

Shopping In The City: Joie tank, necklace c/o Muses And Rebels for Cardigan, Juicy Couture jeans, GANT sunglasses, Kenneth Cole camera bag, LyraLoveStar cuff, watch c/o Timex.

Date Night: Marc Jacobs dress (very old), GUESS by Marciano sunglasses, shoes c/o UGG, vintage purse (discovered at the Salvation Army in high school).

Drinks With Friends: Joie sweater, ABS jeans DIY-ed into cutoffs, heels c/o ALDO, Foley & Corinna bag, Pree Brulee necklace, Juicy Couture sunglasses, watch c/o Timex.

Whimsy For Your Wine And Your Wrist

Head over to the Timex StyleWatch page to learn how to add this whimsical wine stopper to your DIY repertoire…and to check out the rainbow that’s on my wrist these days.

Conde Nast And Changes

In 2007, I moved back to NYC from Los Angeles to be with my new fiancé, but also to start a new career. I had published a couple of articles (one a cover article in a national teen magazine) and had graduated from a good school, and so I thought hey, I’ll just stroll into the Time, Inc (or wherever) offices and be handed a job, and presto: upward trajectory, corner office, et cetera.

Instead, I discovered the joys of profound, no-end-in-sight career panic and unemployment.

I could barely even get an interview. (This was during the time when the print magazine industry sort of panicked about the existence of online content, and started firing people with years and years of experience - pretty much everybody, actually - so they weren’t exactly all that into the idea of hiring…me.)

I did manage to finagle my way into a meeting with an assistant to an editor at a Conde Nast magazine, and I was so nervous about it that I ran down to Diane von Furstenberg and bought a ridiculously expensive outfit that I could in no way afford just because I felt like it would give me the confidence boost I needed to get the job (and also because my uniform in LA had been cutoffs-and-flip-flops, and I figured “looking the part” was probably pretty important if you wanted to work at, say, Vogue).

Anyway, I didn’t get the job.

But I still own the outfit, so I guess, hey: upside to everything.

I was thinking about this time in my life yesterday, though, because…you know, going to the Conde Nast building never stops being exciting, intimidating, a little overwhelming. I know it’s just a myth, a mystique thing…but still.

And so to get the chance to not only go yesterday, but to style and shoot a campaign there…it kind of blew me away.

First, I need to show you the shoes that I wore (they’re L.A.M.B. c/o Piperlime), and I can’t even with how much I love them. (I can’t believe I just said “I can’t even.” But I can’t.)

Here’s another picture, because they deserve it.

Here’s Lucy, being sad that Mama’s leaving for the day.

We were shooting the Jones New York Fall ‘12 campaign, with a focus on their printed jeans (the Ikat pair - my favorite - is pictured above). I’ll post the pictures here once they’re up, of course.

Here, I’m in a Jones New York faux fur bolero and jeans, and my own accessories and shoes. I love faux fur jackets, and that one is so cute, no?

And finally, here I am all wrapped up and on the way back home.

So…I don’t know. Yesterday just made me so happy, because it made me remember how I felt just a few short years ago, and realize that I feel like a completely different person now, and that my life has changed in ways that I could never have even imagined.

It’s such a surprise, how much and how quickly things can sometimes swing in the opposite direction.

Four And Counting

Happy Anniversary to The One.

What’s By My Bed?

My nighttime routine is a pretty simple one: wash face, brush teeth, remove eye makeup, maybe stretch a bit, and then get between the sheets with a magazine and try to keep my eyes pried open so I can get caught up on the latest goings-on with Katie Holmes (the drama!).

Here are the things you’ll always find on or in my bedside table:

1. A vintage jewelry dish for storing my wear-everyday pieces overnight. Flea markets are a great place to pick these up, but if you’re impatient Urban Outfitters has pretty ones, as well.

2. A water glass and a pretty carafe (water water water water).

3. Simple Skincare’s Cleansing Facial Wipes: they’re specially made for sensitive skin (and have no alcohol, so they’re non-drying), and are a gentle, super-quick way to get my face clean on nights when I’m too tired to mosey on over to the bathroom (this happens more frequently than I like to admit). They’re also great for travel.

4. A moisturizing lip treatment, which gets applied before bed and whenever I wake up during the night (I’m a fanatic about having moisturized lips), and right now am into Baby Lips mostly because the packaging is fun.

5. Cotton balls and Simple Skincare Eye Makeup Remover: as far as beauty products for sensitive skin go, this one is a must. My eyes are easily irritated, but this one has no dyes, no fragrance, nothing…and gently gets off every trace of my beloved liquid liner without any greasy residue whatsoever. New favorite.

6. Lavender spray for the sheets: every night, always. I love it.

7. US Weekly, for before-bed perusing, and glasses so I don’t miss any little detail of the latest celebrity goings-on.

8. A sleep mask. Mine isn’t leopard, but I think it should be. …Right?


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Is It Ever OK To Wear Jeans To An Interview?

Q. Jordan, I’m really hoping you can help me.

I have a second-round interview on Wednesday for a job that I really, really want.

Before my last interview, the owner emailed me and said, “FYI, we’re VERY casual here.” I came straight from work at my stuffy corporate job, so I was wearing a jacket, black top and tan dress pants. His comment to me, in a joking way, was, “THAT is what you call casual?” (To give you an idea of just how casual they are, 60% of the interview was conducted on the patio over beers. The owner was in jeans, a t-shirt and flip-flops, and the other girl who interviewed me was in a cute top, jeans and sandals.)

So for my second interview, I was thinking about wearing this shirt in slate grey with dark skinny jeans and peep-toe pumps. And of course a pop of color with the accessories.

One of my friends about dropped dead from shock when I said that I’m going to wear jeans to the interview, so now I’m second-guessing it. I want to seem like I would fit in with them as much as possible, and that includes my appearance — plus, he went out of his way the last time to tell me that they dress casually, which made me feel like there was no expectation for me to show up there wearing business professional attire (and truthfully, I felt like an idiot in the outfit I chose).

I’d really love your opinion. Is it a major faux pas to wear jeans to an interview even if I would wear jeans every day if I got the job? Or even better, what would YOU wear in this kind if situation?

Thanks — I love your site!


Super-Casual...But Professional
Casual…But Professional by ramshackleglam

A. I think you know what I’m going to say here.

There are those who hold “never wear jeans to an interview” as a hard-and-fast rule, and I think that yes, that’s a good general guideline to go by, especially if you’re not sure what kind of situation you’re walking into.

But to me this is a no-brainer.

Are there some interviews to which it would be more than OK - desirable, even - to wear jeans? Yes. And I’ll give you one example: if I was your potential employer, and the one interviewing you. I actually interviewed a potential JITH production assistant a couple of weeks back, and he showed up wearing a neat shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I was wearing a tank top and shorts. The interview was held sitting in the grass in my backyard, because we didn’t have outdoor furniture yet.

An extreme example? Sort of. But I use it to illustrate the point that there are all kinds of jobs, and all kinds of people, and that even with interviews, where a certain amount of decorum is expected (and important), you still have to take into account individual circumstances. Wearing a suit to an interview at a punk-rock clothing store makes about as much sense as wearing flip-flops to an interview at a conservative law firm.

Yes, it’s important to treat an interview with respect, and it’s important to err on the side of formality (especially if you’re coming into a situation where you’re not sure who you’re meeting with or what the company is like). BUT (and this is a big but): it’s also important to show your potential employer that you fit in with the corporate culture, and by conducting the interview on a patio over beers while wearing flip-flops (and directly commenting on the “formality” of your not-so-formal attire) he gave you not one, but several major cues that I think it would benefit you to pick up on, if only to show him that you understand and are interested in acclimating to his company’s ideology.

That said, I wouldn’t dress as casually as your potential employer or his colleague did: no matter how informal the interview, it’s still important to look neat and presentable. This means no rips, tears, stains, or extra skin showing (you never know where people draw the line when it comes to workplace propriety, and you don’t want an exposed inch of skin to be the deal breaker).

I think you’re right on the ball with your idea of pairing dark jeans with a nice top and shoes (I put together a suggested look for you above, though you may prefer a lower heel; I just really loved that pair of Sergio Rossis and wanted to throw them into the mix); the only other thing that I think you should make sure to do is style your makeup and hair so that you look subtly polished and professional.

Very excited for you - good luck, and please let me know how it goes!


Click here for product info.

Peach, Avocado & Arugula: Not Your Average Side Salad

I make this salad all the time (here, it’s served with steak for my backyard dinner with Mom last weekend)…but only during the summer, because if your peaches are not spectacular it goes from incredible to yick (biting into a mealy peach - or a mealy orange, for that matter - gives me the butterfly-shudders).

Just dress up some cubed peach, diced avocado and arugula with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and a sprinkle of salt, and you’re done. (You can also add or substitute mango cubes; that’s delicious, too).

Making it this weekend for a Labor Day BBQ. (I think you should, too.)

Objects Of Affection

The customized garden stone I ordered for an upcoming JITH segment inspired by a certain famous children’s novel…

Gorgeous painted marble coasters from My Mela (one of my favorite home accent sites)…

A crystal ball that I’ve owned for decades and now sits in my office next to one of our wedding pictures and a picture of me and Morgan during her wedding weekend…

Our guest-bedroom-in-progress (it’s in the attic, and right now it’s just an air mattress set up with random sheets and blankets that I found around the house, but I’m looking forward to fancying it up)…

And some seriously delicious hand wash (Nest’s Moss and Mint) that’s sitting on the sink in the upstairs bathroom alongside a colorful soap dish.

Want To See One Of My Favorite Home Purchases Ever?


I mean that.

Oh, Homegoods. You so crazy. I adore you.

(I totally went back and bought the other one. My living room is thanking me.)