Threw a little shoe (and meet-my-baby) party this weekend. 

Threw a little shoe (and meet-my-baby) party this weekend. 

Summer Staples

Breezy florals.

Denim jacket.

Round-ish sunglasses.

On me: Rebecca Taylor dress, vintage denim jacket, Juicy Couture Sunglasses, Alexandra Satine bag.

floral and denim
floral and denim by ramshackleglam featuring canvas handbags

Topshop dress
$136 -

Denim jean jacket
$30 -

Seychelles flat slip on shoes
$85 -

Forever 21 canvas handbag
$25 -

ALDO tortoise shell sunglasses
$12 -
Snow-White Denim And Narrowly Averted Disaster

In which I live dangerously.

You know, I almost never wear white jeans. Mostly because they stress me out: I live in New York City, and I’m a massive klutz (see, for reference: the last time you saw me wear white pants on RG).

Oh yes, and the baby thing.

But I love them, I do: they just look so chic and crisp and effortless, and when they’re stretchy and lightweight and comfortable to boot, they’re such a great alternative to traditional blue denim. Also, I got all inspired by the Summertime First Dates post I put up last week.

So: I wore a pair to brunch on Saturday.

And then I ordered steak tacos.

Tell me that doesn’t give you little heart palpitations (both because of the deliciousness and the proximity of snow-white pants).

But I papered my entire body with napkins before tucking into my brunch, and all was well in the end.

See? Totally sparkling.

I love this jacket. I think that there’s absolutely no reason in the world to go buy a brand-new jean jacket (unless you’re impatient and happen to be standing inside a TopShop, in which case, sure, go for it): vintage denim is just the best. I picked up this thing at a clothing swap ages ago, and it just looks better and better as the months roll on.

On me: Vintage denim jacket, Juicy Couture sunglasses, LOFT t-shirt, Hannah Warner necklace, Alexandra Moosally “Carrot” necklace, ROXoxox neon wrap bracelet, crystal-studded Icon Bangle c/o Belargo Jewelry, Tuleste Market gold bangle, jeans c/o Sanctuary Clothing, Aldo wedges, Kenneth Cole camera bag.

How-To: Denim On Denim

So you’re into the whole Canadian tuxedo thing?

I hear you.

I am, too.

Granted, I put together this look for thematic reasons (we were supposed to visit a ranch yesterday, but ended up having to postpone that portion of the shoot)…but still. If Britney and Justin can do it…

So can I.

Here’s the thing about denim-on-denim. There are rules that you can follow to wear it “properly”. Like these:

- Don’t mix denims that are too similar in terms of wash or weight (for example, pair dark-wash skinny jeans in a heavier weight with a pale-blue, lightweight denim button-down)

- Try unexpected shapes, like a denim vest or denim dress (if you’re nervous about the look, a blue denim vest with khaki-colored jeans, as seen here on Karla’s Closet, is a nice, classic way to ease into it)

- Break up the look with different colors and fabrics, like a neon belt or floral blouse

But…OK. See, rules are lovely and helpful and all, but you know what I think the key to this look is?

Deal with the fact that you are wearing head to toe denim, and work it. 

Maybe add some awesome cowboy boots, because why not?

Sparkly jewelry? OK!

(Above, some great ways to wear the look courtesy of Stylelist.)

Segment Wardrobe: Urban Outfitters jacket, Rebecca Taylor blouse (borrowed), Blank NYC jeans, boots c/o Frye Company, necklace c/o LOFT, purse c/o Alexandra Satine.

one of the sexiest outfits ever, imo.

Farrah Fawcett in “Charlie’s Angels” 1976

one of the sexiest outfits ever, imo.


Farrah Fawcett in “Charlie’s Angels” 1976