How-To: Awesome French Twist

I know, I know: this look (from the Fourth Of July Jordan In The House segment)…well, sort of impossible to recreate. And I’m not gonna lie: I think this is a practice-makes-perfect situation. And extra hands on deck help. But it is definitely doable, so long as you go into it knowing two things:

1) Hairspray is your friend.

2) The key to a great updo is backcombing, because it gives the pins something to hold onto.

Now, let’s talk how to do that ‘do.

1. Prep The Hair

To start with, you spray the roots of your (dry, and preferably not too clean) hair with Dove Style+Care Strength & Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray, and then brush the product down through the ends to distribute it.

Next, separate the top third of your hair and curl it, then pin the curls in place and spray again. You’re going to leave those curls there for awhile, so get used to looking a little funny.

Next step: add some bend to the bottom 2/3 of your hair by curling sections with a 1 3/4” iron.

2. Put In That Body

Tease the sides of your hair (we’ll worry about the top in a minute) by taking sections and holding the ends of the hair while back-combing towards the roots (starting about 2” from the scalp, not all the way down the length of the hair).

3. Do The ‘Do

This is the complicated part, so we took some shots to make it easier to explain.

To make the French twist, start by pulling all your hair off to one side and arranging bobby pins down the center of your head in the crosshatch pattern shown below.

Next, wrap the hair that you’ve pulled off to the side back around the bobby pins, and tuck into place with a few more pins.

See? It’s not as hard as it looks, but an extra set of hands definitely helps.

Last step: adding volume to the top of the hair. Unpin the curls and backcomb the hair (holding the ends and only backcombing 2” away from the scalp)…

…and gently comb the top section back into the twist, using more pins to secure the locks in place. Finish with a generous helping of hairspray.

Thanks so much to Ansley Meredith for the tutorial and the lovely ‘do!

2-Minute Makeup: Eyeliner, Clean & Simple

I got an email the other day from RG reader Katie, who said, “When I don’t wear eyeliner on the bottom, I feel naked almost, and it makes me insecure as strange as that sounds. But everyone I look at online doesn’t seem to wear any bottom liner and they look beautiful. Do you have any suggestions on how to lighten up my eye makeup?”

I totally get this. For over a decade - every since college - I felt completely undressed and washed-out if I didn’t rim my lower eyelid with black liner, like my eyes were disappearing into my face.

I wore my makeup like this. Every day.

And then I got pregnant, and started wanting to look more “fresh” than “glamorous,” and decided to give a liner-free lower lid a spin…and what do you know? As it turns out, too-heavy eye makeup ages your whole face; especially as you get older, a lighter touch looks far more elegant and pretty. Nowadays, I don’t even touch my lower lid with liner, and just alternate between the three different styles of upper-lid liner shown in the video, depending on my mood.

List of products used in video after the jump.

Look 1: NARS shadow in China Blue

Look 2: Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier in Golden Triangle (click here for a full makeup tutorial centered around this fun product)

Look 3: Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Liner