Like I’m In Summer Camp

I went to summer camp exactly twice.

The first time barely counted: I spent a week at a very intense gymnastics camp, so it was much less “s’mores and canoeing” and much more “soul-crushing competition and tears”. I did, however, get to play in those crazy pits full of foam cubes (a secret dream of mine, always), and I met a boy named Kyle. It was one of those fantastic relationships where you decide that you want to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and then never speak again. And then he sends you a postcard declaring his undying love should you ever make it to the town of Schnecksville (really). So that was nice.

The second time I went to camp was a bit more traditional. I shot bows and arrows, dressed up for ’60s night, and hiked in the woods. I held hands with other girls around campfires, we tearfully promised each other that we would be friends forever, and every week felt as long as a year…until it was over, and then it was over too soon.

Most of all, I remember that end-of-the-day feeling: being sort of sunburned and hungry, and pulling on a sweatshirt over my Umbros (!) before heading down to the cafeteria, a little nervous about the dark woods on either side of the path but loving the way the air smelled - like pine needles and smoke.

The other day I was early for an appointment, so I stopped into American Eagle, and ended up walking out with this sweatshirt. Because it felt just like that. Like summer camp.

(Also, it was on sale.) AE French Terry Hooded Popover.


I Really, Really Do Not Like Lakes

Navy And Nearly Nautical

In which I shop for a car down by the river.

P.S. (Yes, a P.S. before the body of a post; I’m feeling wildly avant-garde today) I’m trying out a slightly new format that I hope will help the home page load nice and speedily. So with photo-heavy style posts, the bulk of the post - all those stories rife with whimsy and disaster and thoughtful, off-camera gazes at nothing at all - will come after the jump.


So we went car shopping last weekend. And we’re going again tomorrow, which means that by tomorrow evening we will be the proud owners of a car (or at least the proud owners of a lease), because the next few weekends are crazy for us - Kendrick is swamped, I’m headed to San Francisco for three days (the first time I’ll have spent the night away from Indy since his birth; sort of panicking/sort of excited to, you know, sleep) - and we’ve got to make this happen, because I am in serious need of checking one major thing off my insanely long checklist of major things.

Anyway. We went car shopping. And I decided to dress sensibly (for me, anyway). It was hot, and humid, and also intermittently cloudy and rainy, which meant:

1) No jeans (I hate the way water climbs up the legs of your jeans when it rains),

2) Layers (to accommodate rapidly changing temperatures,

3) Easy hair and makeup (it was a long day), and

4) Flat-ish shoes.

And moons and bones. Of course.

Beauty-wise, I just went for my fallbacks: ye olde Topknot With A Twist, and watermelon lipstick.

We were just about to head out for the day, when Kendrick looked down and noticed that I was wearing these shoes. Which are amazing, but which are also…oh, the least appropriate shoes ever to wear when test-driving cars all day. (It’s for reasons like these that I keep the guy around.)

But I didn’t want to wear flip-flops or slip-ons…and so, even though these shoes are much more “cozy fall” than “nautical summer”, I thought hey, let’s give them a go. And as it turns out, I love the look of rugged suede booties with a light, warm-weather outfit.

On me: Sweater c/o LOFT; Forever 21 tank, Sold Design Lab shorts (via Tanger Outlets), GANT sunglasses, vintage rose bracelet (from Sussex Flea Market), black wrap bracelet c/o ROXoxox, chloe + isabel silver bangles, Hannah Warner necklace, Joie booties.

Lightest, Summery-est Dessert Ever: Sorbet Cups

Q. Hi Jordan,

The amazing man I’m seeing has decided he wants to cook me dinner and is making me salmon. I want to volunteer a dessert…but I want to make something that complements it. Any suggestions?



A. Yes! I have the perfect dessert for you: sorbet cups are impressive-looking and go great with any light summer dinner…and they’re easy (all you need is some fresh fruit and fancy-ish - but store-bought - sorbet). Click here for the how-to.

Peach (above) is my favorite flavor, but if you go for lemon it’ll be a nice palate cleanser after seafood.

You can also add store-bought angel food cake and top it with a little Citrusy Raspberry Sauce, if you feel like doing something slightly more elaborate.




Perfect Hostess Gift: Nest Beach Soap Set

Ooh, so pretty.

And the perfect thing to bring along with you if you’re visiting friends or relatives this summer (I brought one for Francesca’s mother when we went to their place for Memorial Day): it’s portable, chic, and goes with pretty much any decor style (that sea urchin-inspired dish is much more substantial than you’d imagine, and the soap smells like…well, the beach. Which is lovely).

When to bring a hostess gift? A bottle of wine is just fine if you’re heading over to someone’s place for a single meal, but if you’re staying beyond that it’s always nice to bring a small something (and if you’re staying for the weekend, definitely go for a gift).

Just A Little Shout-Out To Two Of My Favorite New Makeup Discoveries

Elizabeth Arden’s Liquid Eyeliner in Brown and Lipstick Queen Saint Eden Lipstick.

Both of which I wore to the beach today in an effort to be all retro-glam…

and both of which stayed put through four hours of sand and sun, and one very big wipe-out.

Summer Must: Glam Glassware (That Even I Can’t Break)

I have a long-standing love affair with unbreakable tableware.

In fact, one of my very first posts ever was about my adoration of Target’s acrylic peony glasses, and I’ve since written about artery-saving stemware for The Gloss and chatted about how to do melamine plates up DIY-style.

Summer Must: Outdoor Glassware (That Even I Can't Break)

Summer Must: Outdoor Glassware (That Even I Can’t Break) by ramshackleglam on

Indoor/Outdoor Water Glass Set of 4
$24 -

Cannes Orange Wine Glass
£3.20 -

Q Squared Old Fashioned Decal Glass
$10 -

Geo Etched Short Goblet
$5.98 -

And man, are these shatterproof glasses ever sexy. Forget picnics and parks: I would totally put them on my for-real, indoor table in a heartbeat.

Clockwise from far left: Habitat; Pier 1; Home Decorators Collection (my favorite); MOMA Store (it’s a little tough to see, but that’s a stemless champagne glass); Q Squared; Pier 1.

And just while we’re at it:

These aren’t shatterproof, but they’re too cute for casual outdoor entertaining not to show you ($45 for a box of 12 Mason Jar Sippers).