By Request: Steak-And-Egg Wraps

Q. The Daily Fiona: That steak and egg wrap…do tell. Eggs, avocado, steak, anything else?

Those three ingredients - marinated skirt steak, sliced avocado, and scrambled eggs - are pretty much it (although I would suggest adding shredded cheese of some sort), but that’s because I like my wraps on the simpler side. Of course you can always get crazy with the add-ons - Kendrick certainly does.

Suggestions: Sriracha, skillet potatoes, sour cream, salsa, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, refried beans.

Tip: Throw your tortilla onto the open flame of your burner for just a couple of seconds, flipping it once to warm both sides (and of course watching the thing carefully so it doesn’t catch fire) - it makes a huge difference.