Fall Preview: One Blazer, Three Ways

Have to say: I really enjoy a truly excellent blazer. Always have.

It’s just so versatile. 

For this post, I partnered with The Limited to style a key Fall piece three different ways: for Date Night, for an afternoon of shopping in the city, and for Sunday evening drinks with friends…and to show how one classic investment piece really can take you everywhere you want to go all season long.

Which of these three looks is your favorite? Tweet to @thelimited and @ramshackleglam to let us know, and head over to The Limited’s Facebook page for a chance to win some great pieces to update your wardrobe for the new season.

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Blazer c/o The Limited

Shopping In The City: Joie tank, necklace c/o Muses And Rebels for Cardigan, Juicy Couture jeans, GANT sunglasses, Kenneth Cole camera bag, LyraLoveStar cuff, watch c/o Timex.

Date Night: Marc Jacobs dress (very old), GUESS by Marciano sunglasses, shoes c/o UGG, vintage purse (discovered at the Salvation Army in high school).

Drinks With Friends: Joie sweater, ABS jeans DIY-ed into cutoffs, heels c/o ALDO, Foley & Corinna bag, Pree Brulee necklace, Juicy Couture sunglasses, watch c/o Timex.

Nothing But The Basics

Now this is an outfit I love.

Head over to the Timex StyleWatch page to see more, and for an easy tip on how to make the very most timeless of outfits look perfectly up-to-date.

A Little Hostess Glam

Click over to the Timex StyleWatch page to see the slightly over-the-top, but (I think) rather fun outfit I chose for my very first stab at entertaining in the new casa.

Exciting Announcement Time!

Oof, I’m so excited about this.

Click over to the Timex StyleWatch page to hear about what I’ve got coming up for the next three months!

Weekend Breezy

Not gonna lie: I’m dressing a little differently at the moment.

Not in a style-revolution way…it’s more of a “me, with an extra dash of laziness” look.

Remember my Fashion As Lightning Rod post, where I talked about how, even when I visit small towns, I tend to dress more or less the same way I always do? That appears to hold true, for the most part - I mean, I think I still look like “me”, whatever that means, and I definitely wore a leopard-print tee to Storytime at the Children’s Library this morning (OH MY GOD, was that ever fun and cute…by which I mean Storytime, not my leopard tee) - but I’m doing so much stuff lately (fixing, organizing, wrangling) that no-muss-no-fuss is sort of the order of the day.

Especially on weekends, because weekends are for hammocks (Kendrick took these photos last Sunday, before we stopped by The Crest). Lately, what that means seems to be a whole lot of flip-flops and un-blowdryed hair tucked up into a hat.

But do I still wear red lipstick, even on a Sunday morning?

Why yes I do.

Please look at Virgil in this picture.

That is a happy boy.

On me: H&M top and fedora, Forever 21 jeans DIY-ed into cutoffs, Havianas flip-flops, Juicy Couture sunglasses, Freya bikini top (see a better shot here), Lipstick Queen lipstick in Saint Eden, Cleobella bag c/o Polyvore.

Out Came The Sun: A Ramble

I can’t even begin to tell you how well I sleep these days.

It’s unreal. I go to sleep around 10:30, give or take, and then wake up with the baby around 6:45. Sometimes I stir for a moment or two around 3 and panic, thinking that that’s it, I’m up…and then I fall right back asleep.

Is it the quiet?

The air?

I have no idea, and I don’t care: I am over the moon about this, because sleep problems are no joke, and even less fun than they sound like they are.

(As a sidenote, a couple of you have asked me how Indy’s been sleeping since we moved, and the answer is: like a baby. 7:30PM-6:45AM, and not a peep. Not a peep! It’s like the Impossible Parenting Miracle has happened to us. And it probably has something to do with the fact that assorted dogs and adults are no longer wandering past his bed and rummaging about noisily at all hours of the night, but we’ll just pretend it’s because of serenity, bliss, et cetera.)

On a completely unrelated note (other than the fact that my generally sunny mood is reflected in this outfit), here’s what I wore for the first half of yesterday’s JITH shoot: A summery maxi that I made slightly more autumnal by layering with a sheer knit sweater and a bit of fringe (because the segment won’t be airing until well after the first chill hits).

Oh, this dress. I bought it years ago - at Saks, where I rarely buy anything more expensive than a new MAC compact - because I was looking for something that I felt amazing in to wear to my five-year college reunion. And I totally felt amazing in it: pretty, glamorous, pulled-together, all that.

And then I wore it to the reunion, which wasn’t all that big because my class wasn’t all that big and the percentage of people who attended the reunion was even less big - and another girl was wearing the exact same dress.

And honestly, whenever I see celebrities in magazines wearing the same dress to the same event and it’s all CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW MORTIFYING?!?!?!, I always think, you know…so? It’s a dress. More than one was probably made.

But it sort of bummed me out, because I was pretty excited about the whole thing, and then once I got there I was “that girl in the yellow dress who isn’t the other girl in the same yellow dress.”

And then I wore it to my rehearsal dinner (above, with Paige), and that was much more fun.



Ohmygoodness, what I wore for the second half of Tuesday. I can’t show you the whole thing - that would be ruining the surprise - but I can certainly show you bits and pieces.

Little story: About four years ago, Francesca - who, if you remember, is an incredible, incredible singer - started working with this company, Sotu Productions, that does wild, over-the-top performance art for extravagant events. Kendrick and I went to see her sing at Buddha Bar, and it was crazy and wonderful - all very reminiscent of that opera scene in The Fifth Element. While watching my friend on stage, I thought that I’d never seen anyone look as beautiful or glamorous.

So to have that same company do my wardrobe and makeup for yesterday’s segment was totally a dream come true.

Here’s me and my pores getting our makeup done by Sotu’s Christina (thank you, Christina!).

And here’s a glimpse of the final look, which had small children all over NYC pointing and crying out, “It’s a fairy princess!”

Segment Wardrobe:

First Look: Julie Brown dress, LOFT sweater, Cleobella purse c/o Polyvore, watch c/o Timex, Ippolita blue topaz necklace, LyraLoveStar crescent ring, GUESS by Marciano sunglasses, Kyler by Joy O. earrings.

Second Look: Sotu Productions.

Citrus Splash

Citrus hues can be tough.

Por ejemplo, I’ve said fifty or sixty times (both here and on Makeup.com) how awesome tangerine lipstick is. And it is. Awesome. But it can also walk the fine line between “lovely” and “cartoonish”; it’s all in what you pair it with.

Same with citrus-hued tops: you can always wear them with, you know, jeans…but…eh. I’ve tried to wear this top a handful of times before (like in our JITH Coney Island segment), and have had trouble finding something that I really love it with.

Until yesterday! Because I love this.

To host a BetterTV segment on pool safety, I wore a lemon-lime top with snow-white jeans and snakeskin heels, and then accessorized with neon bangles and an orange gloss pencil, and felt summery and bright, but still crisp and pulled-together enough for work.

(Speaking of those snow-white jeans: my friend Paige wears them all the time, and when I told her how stressed-out I get whenever I wear white jeans because I constantly worry about destroying them, her advice was “treat them like normal jeans and just wear them. That’s what bleach is for.” I like that.)

Wow, was it humid. There was no way my hair was going to hold a style all day long, so I ended up blowing it out, letting it get a little wavy as the hours passed, and toting along a mini bottle of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Anti-Frizz Serum for touch-ups.

Segment Wardrobe: jeans c/o Sanctuary, Rebecca Taylor top, necklace c/o Ippolita, Nine West heels (see more ways to wear them here), Rebecca Minkoff purse, GANT sunglasses, Mellina & Co. neon bracelets, watch c/o Timex, Lipstick Queen Chinatown Gloss Pencil.

In The Garden

Welcome to my new photo studio.

Rooftop, out. Garden, in. Or…completely un-mowed and un-landscaped but photogenically green area in, anyway.

The thing about shooting out-of-sequence (this JITH segment will air sometime in early October, I think) is that you have to be a little fudgy with the wardrobe selection.

Like, you don’t want to be too “here I am wearing a ski jacket in July”…because that’s silly, especially when you document your comings and goings in real time on, say, a website called Ramshackle Glam…but you also don’t want to have a segment air after the first frost has hit in which you’re wearing neon shorts and flip-flops.

Because that’s sort of weird. Visually.


This is what I wore to walk the line between makes-sense-now and will-make-sense-later: floaty floral topped with worn-in denim.

I skewed my accessories towards the rugged and chunky to balance out the delicate silk dress.

I’m crazy about the rear view of this jacket (which, incidentally, would be a great DIY project for your old denim if you’re handy with the applique).

This is my serious face.

Segment Wardrobe: Rebecca Taylor dress, Habitual denim jacket, blue topaz necklace c/o Ippolita, Hannah Warner coral necklace, ROXoxox black leather wrap bracelet, snakeskin heels c/o Nine West, Foley & Corinna purse, GANT sunglasses, watch c/o Timex.

i Jeans By Buffalo Jeans Shoot: Behind The Scenes

Whoo, it’s been awhile since I’ve done this. (By “this” I mean have an actual photographer on an actual set taking actual pictures in which I actually model clothing…or do some approximation of modeling, informed by my extensive and passionate history with ANTM).

Fourteen years, to be exact (I did a little modeling starting when I was twelve, and my illustrious career came to an end at the ripe old age of seventeen).

And I want to say, “Oh, it was so embarrassing”/”Oh, it was so awkward”/”Oh, so not my thing”…but honestly?

I loved it. It was so much fun.

Also, you know, a little awkward and embarrassing, but I enjoyed myself so much that I cared not a whit.

The shoot was for JC Penney’s i Jeans by Buffalo Jeans (the pieces you see here will all be available in the fall), and featured things like snakeskin stretch jeans (my absolute hands-down favorite piece), cozy knit sweaters with elbow patches (pictured above), and autumnal florals.

This was my view during the shoot. I styled a handful of different fall looks, and will post the photos here once they’re available.

Also pictured on me: Hannah Warner coral necklace, blue topaz necklace c/o Ippolita, watch c/o Timex, Steve Madden pink heels, Betsey Johnson black heels.

Far, Far Away In Far Rockaway

Did you know that Far Rockaway is really, really far away?

It is.

Like, really far.

Far Rockaway? Is FAR. Even farther when you take the wrong A line. #ramshackleglam

And extra far when you take the wrong train to get there. (That’s what Kendrick and I call my “Thunderface”.)

Wearing today: strapless @kennethcole, @foleyandcorinna bag, @ippolitajewelry & @hannahwarner necklaces, @lyralovestar ring, nails panted to sparkle like the sand. #ramshackleglam #jith

(The day’s sparkles.)

We started out shooting the day’s JITH segment (titled “She Sells Seashells”) on the beach, and man, it was hot. But Far Rockaway - especially the relatively unpopulated area we shot at - is beautiful, and so peaceful. Also hot. (My shoulders are extremely pink today.)

Next up: paddleboarding! #sunburnedalready #ruhroh ##ramshackleglam

So it was hot. But then…oh, then…I got to go paddleboarding.

It is way easier than I expected it to be (although they did say that my snowboarding experience helps, and that people who practice yoga - I don’t, although I have - have an easier time balancing), and fun. Relaxing, even.

More on this later, when I get the shots.

Goats, just wandering around Marina 59 (they also have kayaking, fishing, and something called a “Boatel”, FYI).

This is Lily, my enthusiastic coach, who taught me about “soft legs.”

Segment Wardrobe: Gap cardigan, romper c/o Kenneth Cole, blue topaz necklace c/o IppolitaHannah Warner coral necklace (previously seen here), RayBan sunglasses (Kendrick’s), Foley & Corinna purse, watch c/o Timex, LyraLoveStar ring, Huit bathing suit.

Packing Up / Coach Collection At Lenscrafters

See that photo? That is the last photogenic corner in our household.


Because we’re packing! It’s a little nuts in our apartment at the moment. Because we have something like zero floor space to start with, what with all the baby stuff on top of our stuff…and so I spend 90% of my “packing” time sort of wandering back and forth aimlessly through the apartment, searching for somewhere to put down a box.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon we shot a segment on packing tips, so I wore…you know, more or less what I usually wear kicking around the house: shorts, tank, sandals.

And my new glasses!

I was in need of a new prescription and planned to go with my Old Faithful look (square and tortoiseshell), but then thought, hey. Let’s stick wth the shape that I know flatters my face, but go a little bolder - these black frames are The Julayne, from Coach’s new collection for Lenscrafters.

(I may darken my hair for the fall as well, just to get even more crazy with it. We’ll see.)

More things I wore: my favorite scarf - light enough to work even in these steamy temperatures…

And last summer’s favorite sandals, which I just rediscovered thanks to a packing-related closet clear-out.

Segment Wardrobe: Coach glasses c/o Lenscrafters, Premise tank, Zara shorts, watch c/o Timex, Marais USA sandals, H&M scarf.

Beat The Heat

Yesterday I ran down to Hudson Street (or, rather, ambled sluggishly - it was a hot one) to film an interview for Dove on summer style solutions for the humid months (check out Five Ways To Style A Silk Scarf For Summer here).

When it’s this hot out, I would really prefer to be sitting six inches away from a full-blast A/C wearing…nothing. Nothing at all.

But since that look doesn’t really fly on-camera (we’re a solid PG-13 rating over here on RG), I went for the next-best thing: breezy, floaty, chiffony-y layers.

The thing about this dress is that because it’s long and strapless, it runs the risk of looking too fancy for the daytime. How I solved that problem: casual accessories (like wooden bracelets and a leather watch), a scarf that covered me up a bit, and flats.

Segment Wardrobe: Maxi dress c/o Dress The Population, GANT sunglasses, Nine West sandals (last year’s), Foley & Corinna bag, Chic Tweak scarf, Hannah Warner coral necklace, Lollipop blue topaz necklace c/o IppolitaJessie Lane bracelets, LyraLoveStar crescent moon ring, watch c/o Timex.

These Snakeskin Heels Were Made For Walkin’

One shoe, three looks.

Check out my travel wardrobe here.

Perfect Summer Night

What to wear?

Breezy rose and wood with gold.

On me: Maxi dress c/o Dress The Population, Jessie Lane bracelets.

Travel Wardrobe Essentials

Remember how I said that when I travel I go for comfortable basics + great shoes (heels on this trip, ‘cause there’s not much walking around) + jewelry? This is what I meant (and what I’m wearing for today’s events, plus a sweatshirt).

Here’s the outfit I started out in last night, post-awesomely relaxing Happy Hour

…and here’s what I changed into after I realized that I was going to freeze on the walk over to the restaurant (did I remember to pack a jacket? I did not!). Well, this plus a sweatshirt.

My Go-To Travel Wardrobe:

- Comfortable, relaxed-fit tees

- Jeans with some stretch to them

- Snakeskin heels, obviously (make sure that the heels go with pretty much everything, since you won’t want to bring more than one pair for a short trip. Animal prints, to me, are basically neutrals, and I’m happy to wear them with everything from solids to stripes to florals.)

- Flats or flip-flops (for the plane and walking around town)

- Big, patterned scarves

- A pretty dress, just in case

Look 1: Premise off-the-shoulder tee, jeans c/o Sanctuary Clothing, Foley & Corinna Jet Set tote, Jessica Hicks hoops, Stone Savant necklace, H&M scarf, heels c/o Nine West, Juicy Couture sunglasses.

Look 2: d.RA dress, vintage gold belt, Swati Jr* earrings, Nine West heels.

Look 3: LOFT tee, H&M scarf, Mavi jeans, Nine West heels, Rebecca Minkoff purse, Juicy Couture sunglasses.