DIY Mason Jar Hanging Lanterns

Another easy, fun way to dress up your DIY Blue Mason Jars (or any old Mason jars):

How gorgeous are these? And so perfect for weddings, parties, or just everyday decor.

Step-by-step tutorial after the jump.

What you need:

Mason jar

Needle-nose pliers (I just used my fingers to bend the wire, but I destroyed my manicure, so if you care about the state of your nails use pliers; also, you’ll get a neater result)

Wire (I used 18 gauge because I like the look of thicker wire, but 22 gauge would be easier to work with)

Wire cutters


Start by pulling out a bit of wire - about 8-10”, and then leave the end hanging and loop the wire a few times around a pencil.

Remove the pencil and give the wire a twist to hold the loop in place.

Bring back your 8-10” end to meet the wire on the opposite side of the jar (securing the wire under the lip), and twist the two pieces together.

If you have enough wire left on your 8-10” piece to bring it back around to meet your loop, do that (I like the look of the doubled wire). If you don’t, cut it neatly and tuck in the end so it doesn’t end up wounding you later.

Hook your loose end into the loop, and neatly trim whatever’s left dangling with the wire cutters.

Note: You can always give the loops on either side another twist with needle-nose pliers to tighten things up. You can see that because I was using my fingers to do everything the wire isn’t particularly tight around the lip of the jar; if you do the same, just be certain that it’s at least tight enough that the jar won’t fall out.

Now go back to the other side, where you have the rest of your length of wire waiting for you. Pull out enough to make about a 4” handle, and then pull out an inch or two more.

Hook the end of the wire through your loop…

…and cut off any loose pieces. That’s it!

Fill with candles (set into a little sand), flowers…whatever you like.

Click here for another handy step-by-step tutorial.

DIY Blue Mason Jars

Oh my goodness, do I ever love this DIY project. It’s so easy, and the results are so gorgeous.

You take this…

And, with minimal effort, end up with this.

What you need:

Mason jars

Wax paper

Vitrea 160 Glass Paint in Turquoise

Paint thinner (this is optional; add some paint thinner if you’d like a sheerer blue than what’s pictured)

Something to apply paint: I used part of a Magic Eraser because that’s what I had laying around, but you could use anything from a lint-free cloth (ideal) to a paintbrush (may leave streaks) to a rag. I would use a combo of a lint-free cloth for the body of the jars, and then a small paintbrush for the lip.

What you do:

1. Make sure your Mason jars are clean and dry.

2. If using paint thinner, combine Vitrea 160 and thinner in a small container until you achieve the desired shade (it will look much darker in the container than it will once applied).

3. Apply the paint to the body of the jar from the top down, and then swipe around the lip of the jar and across the bottom (a paintbrush may come in handy for the areas that you have trouble getting to with your rag; you can see some bare spots on the tops of my jars where my Magic Eraser didn’t quite reach).

4. Set the jars upside-down on wax paper and let dry for 24 hours.

5. Bake in a 325F oven for 40 minutes.

If you’re using these for vases or storage containers (for makeup brushes, knickknacks and such), try adding a little bit of twine for a rustic look.

Click here to learn how to make DIY Mason Jar Hanging Lanterns.

More ways to use your jars as decor:

- Fill them with Christmas lights for a sparkly centerpiece

- Add a ribbon to the top (try bright green, white, or red)

- Fill them with flowers

- Add a little sand (or some tiny seashells) and a votive candle

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DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

I mean…obviously I love this. And obviously it’s now on my list of Projects to Undertake When We Move Into A House (not that you need to live in a house to do this - this makes a perfect Apartment Garden).

The best part: when I kill one of the plants - which I will, as I am quite the expert plant-slayer - I can just replace the one I’ve destroyed without mucking about in the garden and potentially creating more victims.

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(Via Sarandipity.)