Jordan In The House: Nautical Style

This segment features a bathroom makeover (remember that boring downstairs bathroom I wasn’t sure what to do with?) inspired by a trip to the seashore.

Also, I think you’ll love this DIY: a pretty seashell mirror for displaying your perfume bottles.

Jordan In The House: Season 2 Preview

Some of my favorite moments from Season 1…plus a taste of what’s coming up over the next few months.

Jordan In The House: Speakeasy

An episode all about some of my very favorite things: Prohibition-era decor, teacups…

and secrets.

Jordan In The House: Moving Day!

Season 2 premiere.


(Thanks to Alex Foley for the awesome camera work!)

Jordan In The House: Rockabilly Style

You may be able to tell that I had a bit of an amazing time filming this one.

Jordan In The House: Apartment Packing Tips

Whee! Packing. Finally.

Hey, remember when we found out that we finally won a bidding war? As it turned out, I was at that very moment sitting in a diner with my videographer filming a Mother’s Day segment. So we got it on tape. That was nice.

Jordan In The House: Bed and Breakfast

I haven’t been able to make it all the way up to Maine this summer (at least not so far)…so I headed somewhere a little closer to home in search of inspiration of the cozy and romantic sort. (It’s the Warwickshire B&B in Warwick, NY, and it is the cutest place ever for a romantic weekend getaway.)

Jordan In The House: DIY Gender Reveal Cake

Our videographer is MIA this week (off becoming a grandpa!), so I dug into the home video reserves for something thematically relevant.

Jordan In The House: What You Said, Part II

In which I respond to some of my favorite questions and comments from the past few weeks…and reveal a messy little secret.

Jordan In The House: Fourth Of July Centerpiece Inspiration

In search of inspiration for an easy Fourth of July centerpiece, I head to Central Park in some very interesting headgear. Also on the menu: ways to bring the blooms inside all year ‘round, boating mishaps, and fireworks, of course.

Jordan In The House: Fast Furniture Fixes

Two fast, easy (and inexpensive!) fixes that’ll give new life to some of your old, boring pieces.

Jordan In The House: Pop Art And Polar Bears

My regular videographer, John, wasn’t able to come along for this week’s Coney Island segment…so I roped in a very special substitute.

Oh yes, and then I swam in 48-degree water.

JITH: DIY Junk Drawer Rehab

Sure, junk drawers may not be the sexiest of subjects. But everyone’s got one, and in this mini-segment, I have some tips for how to transform yours from a black hole of despair into something that’s actually…you know…useful.

P.S. Say “junk drawer” five times fast. I dare you. (I had to shoot that first moment in the video oh, ten times in order to not say “junkkoar”, or similar.)

JITH: Birch Candles And Biospheres

In which I head to a rustic, cozy ski lodge to check out the decor and to go snowboarding.

Only problem: no snow.

But what I found instead was way better.

Jordan In The House: What You Said

In today’s Subscriber Segment I answer some of the questions, comments and emails I’ve received in recent weeks, talking motorcycles, wardrobe malfunctions, and Lady Gaga.