Jordan In The House: Nautical Style

This segment features a bathroom makeover (remember that boring downstairs bathroom I wasn’t sure what to do with?) inspired by a trip to the seashore.

Also, I think you’ll love this DIY: a pretty seashell mirror for displaying your perfume bottles.

Jordan In The House: Season 2 Preview

Some of my favorite moments from Season 1…plus a taste of what’s coming up over the next few months.

DIY “Depression Glass”

What’s Depression Glass? It’s that gorgeous colored glassware that you find all over antique stores and flea markets; it’s called “Depression Glass” because it was distributed for free during the Great Depression (brands included pieces with things like boxes of food as an incentive to purchase).

I love the stuff, but it can get pricey…

So I thought I’d make some of my own.

The more common colors of Depression Glass are pastels - rose, tangerine, green…but I loved the idea of a deep ruby-red version, and so I went to town on a jewelry tray (or at least I use it as a jewelry tray) that I found in Canada for $2.


1. Clean the piece well

2. Spray with translucent glass paint in your desired color

3. Set on wax paper or newspaper and allow to dry for 30 minutes.

For more info, check out this video.

Jordan In The House: Speakeasy

An episode all about some of my very favorite things: Prohibition-era decor, teacups…

and secrets.

Out Came The Sun: A Ramble

I can’t even begin to tell you how well I sleep these days.

It’s unreal. I go to sleep around 10:30, give or take, and then wake up with the baby around 6:45. Sometimes I stir for a moment or two around 3 and panic, thinking that that’s it, I’m up…and then I fall right back asleep.

Is it the quiet?

The air?

I have no idea, and I don’t care: I am over the moon about this, because sleep problems are no joke, and even less fun than they sound like they are.

(As a sidenote, a couple of you have asked me how Indy’s been sleeping since we moved, and the answer is: like a baby. 7:30PM-6:45AM, and not a peep. Not a peep! It’s like the Impossible Parenting Miracle has happened to us. And it probably has something to do with the fact that assorted dogs and adults are no longer wandering past his bed and rummaging about noisily at all hours of the night, but we’ll just pretend it’s because of serenity, bliss, et cetera.)

On a completely unrelated note (other than the fact that my generally sunny mood is reflected in this outfit), here’s what I wore for the first half of yesterday’s JITH shoot: A summery maxi that I made slightly more autumnal by layering with a sheer knit sweater and a bit of fringe (because the segment won’t be airing until well after the first chill hits).

Oh, this dress. I bought it years ago - at Saks, where I rarely buy anything more expensive than a new MAC compact - because I was looking for something that I felt amazing in to wear to my five-year college reunion. And I totally felt amazing in it: pretty, glamorous, pulled-together, all that.

And then I wore it to the reunion, which wasn’t all that big because my class wasn’t all that big and the percentage of people who attended the reunion was even less big - and another girl was wearing the exact same dress.

And honestly, whenever I see celebrities in magazines wearing the same dress to the same event and it’s all CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW MORTIFYING?!?!?!, I always think, you know…so? It’s a dress. More than one was probably made.

But it sort of bummed me out, because I was pretty excited about the whole thing, and then once I got there I was “that girl in the yellow dress who isn’t the other girl in the same yellow dress.”

And then I wore it to my rehearsal dinner (above, with Paige), and that was much more fun.



Ohmygoodness, what I wore for the second half of Tuesday. I can’t show you the whole thing - that would be ruining the surprise - but I can certainly show you bits and pieces.

Little story: About four years ago, Francesca - who, if you remember, is an incredible, incredible singer - started working with this company, Sotu Productions, that does wild, over-the-top performance art for extravagant events. Kendrick and I went to see her sing at Buddha Bar, and it was crazy and wonderful - all very reminiscent of that opera scene in The Fifth Element. While watching my friend on stage, I thought that I’d never seen anyone look as beautiful or glamorous.

So to have that same company do my wardrobe and makeup for yesterday’s segment was totally a dream come true.

Here’s me and my pores getting our makeup done by Sotu’s Christina (thank you, Christina!).

And here’s a glimpse of the final look, which had small children all over NYC pointing and crying out, “It’s a fairy princess!”

Segment Wardrobe:

First Look: Julie Brown dress, LOFT sweater, Cleobella purse c/o Polyvore, watch c/o Timex, Ippolita blue topaz necklace, LyraLoveStar crescent ring, GUESS by Marciano sunglasses, Kyler by Joy O. earrings.

Second Look: Sotu Productions.

Jordan In The House: Moving Day!

Season 2 premiere.


(Thanks to Alex Foley for the awesome camera work!)

In The Garden

Welcome to my new photo studio.

Rooftop, out. Garden, in. Or…completely un-mowed and un-landscaped but photogenically green area in, anyway.

The thing about shooting out-of-sequence (this JITH segment will air sometime in early October, I think) is that you have to be a little fudgy with the wardrobe selection.

Like, you don’t want to be too “here I am wearing a ski jacket in July”…because that’s silly, especially when you document your comings and goings in real time on, say, a website called Ramshackle Glam…but you also don’t want to have a segment air after the first frost has hit in which you’re wearing neon shorts and flip-flops.

Because that’s sort of weird. Visually.


This is what I wore to walk the line between makes-sense-now and will-make-sense-later: floaty floral topped with worn-in denim.

I skewed my accessories towards the rugged and chunky to balance out the delicate silk dress.

I’m crazy about the rear view of this jacket (which, incidentally, would be a great DIY project for your old denim if you’re handy with the applique).

This is my serious face.

Segment Wardrobe: Rebecca Taylor dress, Habitual denim jacket, blue topaz necklace c/o Ippolita, Hannah Warner coral necklace, ROXoxox black leather wrap bracelet, snakeskin heels c/o Nine West, Foley & Corinna purse, GANT sunglasses, watch c/o Timex.

Jordan In The House: Rockabilly Style

You may be able to tell that I had a bit of an amazing time filming this one.

Jordan In The House: Apartment Packing Tips

Whee! Packing. Finally.

Hey, remember when we found out that we finally won a bidding war? As it turned out, I was at that very moment sitting in a diner with my videographer filming a Mother’s Day segment. So we got it on tape. That was nice.

Paddleboarding at Marina 59

So. Fun.

(Thanks to Renzo for the shot!)

Far, Far Away In Far Rockaway

Did you know that Far Rockaway is really, really far away?

It is.

Like, really far.

Far Rockaway? Is FAR. Even farther when you take the wrong A line. #ramshackleglam

And extra far when you take the wrong train to get there. (That’s what Kendrick and I call my “Thunderface”.)

Wearing today: strapless @kennethcole, @foleyandcorinna bag, @ippolitajewelry & @hannahwarner necklaces, @lyralovestar ring, nails panted to sparkle like the sand. #ramshackleglam #jith

(The day’s sparkles.)

We started out shooting the day’s JITH segment (titled “She Sells Seashells”) on the beach, and man, it was hot. But Far Rockaway - especially the relatively unpopulated area we shot at - is beautiful, and so peaceful. Also hot. (My shoulders are extremely pink today.)

Next up: paddleboarding! #sunburnedalready #ruhroh ##ramshackleglam

So it was hot. But then…oh, then…I got to go paddleboarding.

It is way easier than I expected it to be (although they did say that my snowboarding experience helps, and that people who practice yoga - I don’t, although I have - have an easier time balancing), and fun. Relaxing, even.

More on this later, when I get the shots.

Goats, just wandering around Marina 59 (they also have kayaking, fishing, and something called a “Boatel”, FYI).

This is Lily, my enthusiastic coach, who taught me about “soft legs.”

Segment Wardrobe: Gap cardigan, romper c/o Kenneth Cole, blue topaz necklace c/o IppolitaHannah Warner coral necklace (previously seen here), RayBan sunglasses (Kendrick’s), Foley & Corinna purse, watch c/o Timex, LyraLoveStar ring, Huit bathing suit.

Jordan In The House: Bed and Breakfast

I haven’t been able to make it all the way up to Maine this summer (at least not so far)…so I headed somewhere a little closer to home in search of inspiration of the cozy and romantic sort. (It’s the Warwickshire B&B in Warwick, NY, and it is the cutest place ever for a romantic weekend getaway.)

Jordan In The House: DIY Gender Reveal Cake

Our videographer is MIA this week (off becoming a grandpa!), so I dug into the home video reserves for something thematically relevant.

Jordan In The House: What You Said, Part II

In which I respond to some of my favorite questions and comments from the past few weeks…and reveal a messy little secret.

Jordan In The House: Fourth Of July Centerpiece Inspiration

In search of inspiration for an easy Fourth of July centerpiece, I head to Central Park in some very interesting headgear. Also on the menu: ways to bring the blooms inside all year ‘round, boating mishaps, and fireworks, of course.