Easy Beach Bun

Going to the beach this weekend? Me too. (Hopefully.)

Here’s how you whip up an easy, pretty hairstyle that’s perfect for the sand and the sea…and that leaves you with gorgeous, beachy waves at the end of the day.

Summer Haircare Tips + Brand-New Dove Facebook Tab

Dove just launched a new tab on their Facebook page dedicated to hair care, with lots of summery tips and video tutorials from yours truly (including my top summer hair-care challenges and some of my favorite go-to summer styles).

How-To: Awesome French Twist

I know, I know: this look (from the Fourth Of July Jordan In The House segment)…well, sort of impossible to recreate. And I’m not gonna lie: I think this is a practice-makes-perfect situation. And extra hands on deck help. But it is definitely doable, so long as you go into it knowing two things:

1) Hairspray is your friend.

2) The key to a great updo is backcombing, because it gives the pins something to hold onto.

Now, let’s talk how to do that ‘do.

1. Prep The Hair

To start with, you spray the roots of your (dry, and preferably not too clean) hair with Dove Style+Care Strength & Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray, and then brush the product down through the ends to distribute it.

Next, separate the top third of your hair and curl it, then pin the curls in place and spray again. You’re going to leave those curls there for awhile, so get used to looking a little funny.

Next step: add some bend to the bottom 2/3 of your hair by curling sections with a 1 3/4” iron.

2. Put In That Body

Tease the sides of your hair (we’ll worry about the top in a minute) by taking sections and holding the ends of the hair while back-combing towards the roots (starting about 2” from the scalp, not all the way down the length of the hair).

3. Do The ‘Do

This is the complicated part, so we took some shots to make it easier to explain.

To make the French twist, start by pulling all your hair off to one side and arranging bobby pins down the center of your head in the crosshatch pattern shown below.

Next, wrap the hair that you’ve pulled off to the side back around the bobby pins, and tuck into place with a few more pins.

See? It’s not as hard as it looks, but an extra set of hands definitely helps.

Last step: adding volume to the top of the hair. Unpin the curls and backcomb the hair (holding the ends and only backcombing 2” away from the scalp)…

…and gently comb the top section back into the twist, using more pins to secure the locks in place. Finish with a generous helping of hairspray.

Thanks so much to Ansley Meredith for the tutorial and the lovely ‘do!

Five Ways To Style A Silk Scarf

Easy ways to play with one of my favorite summer accessories, from the ’50s-style ponytail to “I Don’t Actually Own A Villa In The Italian Countryside…But I Like To Pretend That I Do.”

Exciting Announcement: Dove Hair Brand Ambassadorship

So I have some news that I’ve been waiting to share with you for awhile now, but no longer! I am over-the-moon excited to tell you that for the next year, I’m going to be joining the Dove Hair team as their Brand Ambassador.

I mean…Dove. Dove! Beyond the fact that their products have been a staple for me and my family for as long as I can remember, I’ve been struck for years (decades?) now by the company’s approach to real beauty and their commitment to building self-esteem in women of all ages. I remember seeing those ads featuring a lineup of real women years ago (I think it was right around the time I graduated from college) and thinking to myself how beautiful they were, and how cool it would be to appear in one. So to have the opportunity to work this closely with a company that I have such admiration for - it’s a dream come true.

So what does this brand ambassadorship mean? All sorts of awesome stuff: I’ll be testing out products and styles for you, providing my very best hair tricks and tips in posts and videos, working as a “real world” counterpoint to celebrity stylist Mark Townsend, and attending Dove events to provide on-the-go coverage (I’ve got one coming up in the Hamptons that I’m pretty psyched about), among other things.

Another exciting thing about being the Dove Hair Brand Ambassador is that I now have access to all sorts of fantastic Dove products…which means that you now have access to all sorts of fantastic Dove products. So to kick off the program, I’d like to give fifty readers (yes, fifty) the opportunity to try out two products that I’m completely obsessed with at the moment: the Nourishing Oil Care Detangler (I use this every single time I brush out my wet hair, and think it’s an absolute beach bag essential) and the Style+Care Frizz-Free Shine Cream-Serum, which is a lightweight frizz-fighter that you smooth onto your ends to break them up a bit and give them some lovely, healthy shine.

To win your very own full-sized version of both products, just comment below - anything goes, really, but I’d love to hear your very first Dove memory (everyone has one, right?). I’ll pick 50 winners at random one week from today. (Contest open to U.S. readers only.)

Thank you so much to DailyGlow.com for this morning’s awesome interview and coverage of the partnership!

Dove is a sponsor of Ramshackle Glam.

How-To: Make The Most Of Your Salon Visit

Q. Jordan, I’m having major issues with my hair.  It’s not doing anything, just super duper flat. I’ve decided to try and invest some TLC to get things back on track and am going to see Karmela at John Sahag Workshop.

Since this is going to be a spendy endeavour - do you have any advice on how to get the most out of a haircut/salon visit? 


A. Hey Megan!

I actually gave Karmela a ring to get her tips for how to make the most of a salon visit, and above all, what she emphasized is being totally honest and open with your stylist. For example, let him/her know the following:

- Whether you feel comfortable using products on your hair.

- How often you exercise (you may want a style that allows you to pull your hair back if you’re big on exercise).

- If you have time to blowdry/style your hair in the mornings, and how handy you are with styling tools.

- How much time and effort you feel comfortable putting into your hair on a daily basis.

To that, I’d add that you should feel free to ask your stylist to show you a couple of tricks when they’re blow-drying and styling your hair post-cut. Some won’t be particularly into giving you a mini-tutorial, but my feeling is hey, you’re paying for the service, and if you’re gracious about your request I don’t see why they wouldn’t. At the very least, pay attention to what your stylist is doing; don’t just sit there through the whole process with your nose buried in your magazine.

Have fun!



Speedy, Sleek Blow-Dry Tip

You know how, when you’re a) in a hurry to dry your hair and b) want to add a little volume, you flip your head over and get it at least partially dry that way? Well, if you’ve got wavy or curly hair that’s prone to frizz, this little trick is even better.

Take large sections of wet hair and twist as shown above, aiming the dryer at the roots: you’ll get the lift you’re looking for at your scalp while keeping the rest of your hair sleek and smooth. Do this until hair is damp, and then blow-dry as usual, dividing into sections and using a round or paddle brush.


How-To: Blow-Dry Perfect Bangs

Curling With A Flat-Iron

Hair How-To On Stylelist

Click image to check out my how-to on Stylelist.

2-Minute Beauty: Simple TopKnot (With A Twist)

When I posted the shots from our trip up the Hudson a couple of weeks ago, a reader commented below the post asking me if I wouldn’t mind doing a tutorial on that hairdo. And what I said was nope, of course I wouldn’t mind…but it’s really just a loosened-up topknot with a couple of simple twists that make it a little more interesting than the kind of thing you’d wear to, say, the gym.

But then I got to thinking…you know, they’re kind of good little twists. Kinda easy and fun.

And so:

2-Minute Beauty: Blow-Dry Perfect Bangs (Video Tutorial)

For those of you who prefer a visual demonstration to photos.

Click here for the written play-by-play.

Click here for more two-minute beauty fixes.

How-To: Blow-Dry Perfect Bangs

So I’m not gonna lie: bangs are tricky. Or at least they are on my hair: as I suspected would happen, I wake up looking far more like Alfalfa than Audrey. Kendrick thinks this is funny (I disagree).

But what Karmela told me when I was getting them cut is true: if you can manage to make your bangs look decent, that’s really all you need to do with your hair - if you’re in a hurry you can just twist the rest up onto the top of your head and look respectably done. And while at John Sahag Workshop last weekend, I learned how to do just that (the results of my tutorial are pictured above).


1. Start with wet hair, and dry your bangs first (counterintuitive maybe, but they get a lot tougher to wrangle if they’re left to their own devices for even a few minutes).

2. First use two fingers to pull them down and slightly out, aiming the blowdryer down the hair shaft.

3. Then use a paddle brush to make the same motion - the pulling with the fingers makes them straight, while the brush gives them just the slightest bend (in other words: volume without veering into poofy ’80s territory).

4. Next, “wrap” the hair, using the paddle brush to push the bangs first to one side, then the other, blow-drying all the while.

5. Repeat these steps until completely dry. The result should be bangs that aren’t too flat and aren’t too curled…bangs, in other words, that are just right.

Now, for product. To give my hair shine I like using Alterna Bamboo Dry Oil Mist, but if you spray a product like that onto bangs there’s the danger that they’ll look oily. What I like to use on the shorter pieces around my face (and now for my bangs) is a little of Kendrick’s hair wax - I rub just the tiniest amount into the ends only, to break them up. But honestly, you know what I do more often than not? After I moisturize my skin, I just twist whatever residue is left on my fingers into the ends, and that does the trick. Easy easy.

New Mama Makeover at John Sahag Workshop

You know how life changes (breakups, graduations, moves, etc) always make you want to cut all your hair off, or dye it red? For me, it’s always bangs. Some big change or another comes along, and I suddenly announce that I must look like Goldie Hawn circa First Wives Club, and I must look like her now.

Of course, when urges like this strike me I need to remember that I did have those bangs: it was in fourth grade, and they were very, very averse to physical contact with the skin on my forehead and had a tendency to flee in various directions. And while that kind of misbehavior would be fine if I had lots of time to spend playing with flat irons these days, the recent life change that inspired this particular desire to switch up my look has left me with a little less grooming time than usual. Like, none.

And I would look terrible with red hair.

So yesterday I plopped myself down in Doug’s chair and announced that I wanted something different.

"What do you want?"

"I don’t know. Something different."

(I’m sure colorists love this total lack of ability to give any sort of direction whatsoever coupled with new-mother hormones and the potential for a post-coloring meltdown.)

Anyway, Doug suggested balayage rather than foil highlights, which seemed like a perfect way to mix things up a bit without committing to something impossibly high-maintenance. Balayage is essentially painted-on highlights, and creates a less natural, more sun-kissed (and more dramatic) effect.

Here’s my before-and-after.

It’s exactly what I wanted - it’s even making me look forward to embracing my super-pale skin this winter.

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