Packing Up / Coach Collection At Lenscrafters

See that photo? That is the last photogenic corner in our household.


Because we’re packing! It’s a little nuts in our apartment at the moment. Because we have something like zero floor space to start with, what with all the baby stuff on top of our stuff…and so I spend 90% of my “packing” time sort of wandering back and forth aimlessly through the apartment, searching for somewhere to put down a box.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon we shot a segment on packing tips, so I wore…you know, more or less what I usually wear kicking around the house: shorts, tank, sandals.

And my new glasses!

I was in need of a new prescription and planned to go with my Old Faithful look (square and tortoiseshell), but then thought, hey. Let’s stick wth the shape that I know flatters my face, but go a little bolder - these black frames are The Julayne, from Coach’s new collection for Lenscrafters.

(I may darken my hair for the fall as well, just to get even more crazy with it. We’ll see.)

More things I wore: my favorite scarf - light enough to work even in these steamy temperatures…

And last summer’s favorite sandals, which I just rediscovered thanks to a packing-related closet clear-out.

Segment Wardrobe: Coach glasses c/o Lenscrafters, Premise tank, Zara shorts, watch c/o Timex, Marais USA sandals, H&M scarf.