Tip Of The Day: Say Bye To Flies

See, here in the city houseflies aren’t exactly a major problem. They exist, sure (I used to have a pet frog named Sammy, like every other creepy-ish pet I had from the ages of four to nine - really: I had a snake, a snail, a crawfish, a mealworm, and a turtle, all named Sammy - and my method for feeding Sammy The Frog was a not-so-efficient process of melting a Firecracker popsicle over the garbage can in our neighborhood playground and then trying to use paper cups and a very small and questionably dextrous hand to catch the flies that arrived for dinner), but NYC pest problems are a little more burly.

Sewer rats, cockroaches and those absolutely horrifying things that fly around my kitchen once in awhile and dive-bomb my head, you see, are not the kinds of creatures that get too up in arms about anything short of the business end of a broom and two large textbooks (my preferred method for handling the aforementioned horrifying things).

But if houseflies are your problem, lucky you! Because the all-natural solution for keeping them out of your home happens to be easy, pretty, lovely-smelling…and delicious on a tomato-and-mozzarella salad.

Ta da! Place a few basil plants in your window (try this pretty method for displaying them), and the scent of the basil oil should send them off in search of less-green pastures.

And if herb gardens aren’t your thing (I’m right there with you), try these:

(Love them.)

When Dreams Attack

Remember that scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where Kate Capshaw is in the tunnel with all the bugs, and turns over her hand to discover, oh, I don’t know, THE SCARIEST THING EVER sitting on her palm?

I couldn’t even do an image search for it; that’s how much that scene panics me. (Recall, if you will, that I have a little thing about bugs.) I had to settle for the monkey brains moment instead.

Anyway, the Kate Capshaw Bug decided to hang out in my dream last night. I dreamed that I was in the new house, putting stuff together, when I came across it sitting in a drawer holding a screwdriver and trying to undo my efforts. It was much scarier and much less funny than it sounds, especially when it dropped the screwdriver and started chasing me, and then flew off of a high shelf to land squarely in my lap.

Next time a character from Indiana Jones decides to make an appearance in my dreams, I would like to respectfully request that a be-costumed Harrison Ford show up in place of the most horrifying creature on earth. Thx.