12 Days Of Giving Blogger Picks

So you know I chose the plaid shirt…but you want to see what the other 11 bloggers think make perfect gifts for everyone on your list? Click here.

P.S. See that reindeer sweater on the right in the above photo (hiding behind my plaid shirts)? Bought it for Kendrick last year. There’s nothing like a slightly dorky reindeer sweater at Christmastime.

American Living Made For 12 Days Of Giving Gift Pick

Presenting: my choice for the American Living’s Made For 12 Days Of Giving program.

A plaid shirt!


This is what I’d pick up for a husband/boyfriend…and then immediately steal on a cold winter morning to wear while curled up in front of my imaginary fireplace while reading US Weekly (ssh) and drinking hot chocolate. (I would rationalize this theft by explaining to said S.O. that plaid shirts tend to get softer and more wonderful the more they’re worn. In other words: I’d be doing him a favor by living in it.)

My favorite color combo is the Green/Red pattern you can see here…and it’s presently on sale for $24.99 (down from $60), so: excellent last-minute shopping solution.

American Living / Made For 12 Days Of Giving

Speaking of holiday gifts…

This year, I’m participating in American Living’s Made For 12 Days of Giving program: myself and a few other bloggers were asked to choose our top holiday pick from their selection of gifts for everyone on your list, from clothing to accessories to pieces for the home (and even baby stuff - I love these coveralls).

Check back on December 12th to see what I chose! (Hint: you will be thoroughly unsurprised; it’s something that I can’t stop myself from picking up whenever I see one…and that I find especially irresistible in holiday colors. Any guesses?)